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51 will begin implementing a simplified admissions process that reduces barriers to higher education for diverse learners.

51 has adopted a test-optional policy and will no longer require standardized test scores, such as ACT or SAT, for freshmen applicants with a 2.75 unweighted high school GPA or higher.

Along with eliminating the ACT /SAT requirement, 51 continues investing in high-impact initiatives that address affordability, including making education more accessible for out-of-state learners with the  program. 51 offers merit- and need-based support for first-year students, and are also automatically awarded to those who meet criteria.

We changed our admissions standards to be more equitable while aligning institutional aid to compliment. However, 51 is unique because of the way we're uplifting students through enhanced academic support including our and complimentary Student Success plans, which offer comprehensive resources for helping students have a successful academic journey and timely graduation.

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Test Optional FAQs

This admission requirement change also includes new transfer students who apply to the University with fewer than 24 college credit hours earned. 

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