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Program Type: Undergraduate

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Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

The Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (AAIS) is designed for students who want a college credential that will serve for career advancement, or to prepare for continuing toward a Baccalaureate degree. The program emphasizes a background in liberal arts and integrative learning. Interdisciplinary Studies emphasize the synthesis and integration of knowledge, concepts, and methods from multiple disciplines or areas of study. It involves exploring connections between different disciplines to gain a holistic understanding of complex issues or problems.  

When is the AAIS the right degree? 

Perhaps you are looking for job advancement or entry into a new job that requires only an Associate's degree. The A.A. degree requires only 61 credit hours and often can be achieved in two years. 

Are you only seeking a college degree for personal goals and want the greatest flexibility to pursue your interests? The AAIS program allows you to design your own program and take it at your own pace.

Program Contacts

Dr. Rhonda D. Davis
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

Students in the Spotlight

Shawn Kayley Sullivan

Shawn Kayley Sullivan

Graduating Year: 2023

Education: Associate of Arts Degree in Integrative Studies

"The Integrative Studies program uplifts and encourages students to explore all aspects of their academic interests. I would not be the individual I am today had it not been for the opportunities and perspectives I was provided through the IST track."

Career: "From my own experience of growing up with mental adversities, I have become extremely passionate about psychological health. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; upon graduation, I will continue my educational career in a doctoral program. I plan to receive a PsyD and become a licensed clinical psychologist. From there, I aspire to establish a career for myself as a cognitive-behavioral therapist and work with children and adolescents."

Graduating high school while completing two years of college credits has helped Shawn learn and develop a wide variety of skills including critical thinking through analyzing complex issues from multiple perspectives and evaluating different approaches to problem-solving, integrating knowledge and concepts from diverse fields, making connections and find creative solutions that might not be apparent within a single discipline, collaborating with individuals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, gathering and synthesizing information from various sources, including academic disciplines, methodologies, and research methods, and approach complex problems with flexibility and adaptability from different angles, drawing on knowledge and techniques from various disciplines. Shawn also developed cultural competence by engaging with diverse disciplines and developing an appreciation for different cultures, values, and perspectives. As a future cognitive-behavioral therapist, Shawn will be well-served by her time developing these interdisciplinary skills.

Find Your Passions & Build Your Future

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  • Internships: Interdisciplinary Studiesstudents have a wide range of opportunities to create community partnerships for internship experiences. For example, students have completed internships with city offices to focus on public administration and local governance and working alongside the sales and retention team with the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Career exploration: Our unique foundation course, IST 185 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, encourages students to explore traditional academic disciplines and emerging fields in the context of current social, political, economic, and environmental problems. This course also guides students through self-exploration of interests in connection with a wider societal context. IST 397 Interdisciplinary Inquiry enables students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of complex problems of interest to discover potential career opportunities and pathways. 
  • Creativity and Flexibility: Interdisciplinary Studiesoffers a creative and flexible approach to discovering your academic and professional passions. If you have more than one interest, interdisciplinary studies allows you to explore and combine academic areas of interest to maximize your college experience and help you find a meaningful career pathway.


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Financial Aid

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